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10 years on lj

It's nice to click to my f-list here and still see familiar faces. I miss lj and I miss what it's meant to me for 10 years since I signed up for an account with this username.

I still think about times at the cons and the excitement of the fandom. I don't quite know how to recapture the involvement or the connections I'd made. These days I pretty much only lurk on facebook, though truth be told I'm mostly trying to reclaim my life and myself.

<3 <3 <3
Gunslinger by gunshou


I'm still traveling, now on the east coast after a wonderful time in Seattle, Vancouver, Portland, Tuscon and San Francisco. I'm completely behind on lj, but really wanted to share this.

Today I watched Deathly Hallows part 2 for the second time with a group of fen and while watching, I had a meta realization. Fandom and Harry Potter have been a refuge and a safe place for the past 7 years. These past weeks have been some of the hardest and yet fandom has yet again provided a haven for me, this time physically rather than online. I won't ever be able to repay those of you who took me in. But I've also since realized that I'm not alone in the world the way I've always thought I was. You're all my family and it's amazing to me that we've all come together thanks to Harry Potter.


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Wah I've been incredibly bad at updating lj!

Spent fantastic time in Arizona w wook77 and am now on a plane headed to San Francisco.

Time spent thinking has been unexpectedly helpful and for the first time in my life I feel centered. Focused even.

Ok plane is getting ready to take off. Hopefully a better update soon.


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In Vancouver!

I safely arrived in Vancouver this afternoon after having a blast at the con. Proper con write-up will happen tomorrow.

If you live in or near Vancouver, send me a msg!

Hope you're all doing well <333
Marilyn Monroe - Sassy - by drusillas_ra

Travel Chronicles: Seattle (June 12-16, 2011)

I'm having a hard time believing that the first part of my trip is already done!

I've been in downtown Seattle since Sunday and am heading out of town for the HP Slash Con. Collapse )

Ok, let's back up a little bit.

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So that's what's been happening so far. I've had way too much coffee so far, which has been very tasty, and Seattle is deservedly known for it's coffee. I've also enjoyed walking around (all these hills have been great for my legs and abs). And while I haven't totally figured out who I am yet, it's slowly starting (who knew that I actually prefer scrambled eggs to any other kind, so why have I been ordering over-easy all this time).

Now, that this is done, I'm off to catch a cab and make my way to the HP Slash con. If you're there and want to reach me, easiest way is via email/lj's msg system.

As an aside, omg, how did I manage to live without an iPhone so far?????

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HP Slash Con

I've safely arrived in Seattle where I'm taking a few days to do the touristy thing. I'll be arriving at the con hotel Thursday. When will you be there? What's your contact info so we can find one another? Why am I still on east coast time and awake at 6am?(Comments are screened)